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Self propelled compact capsule endoscopy, “MiniMermaid” system
Self propelled capsule endoscopy system with a fin
Swimming mini drone
Swimming mini drone
Applying "MiniMermaid" technology, we have developed an aquatic mini drone to swim freely in 3-D space under water.

The characteristics are selected to user’s taste such as a mermaid or a goldfish.

The movement is controlled using a joystick in a mechanism like a 3-D labyrinth.

The mini-robot is used for various purpose, for example:
(1) The rehabilitation tool of arms and legs for a physically handicapped or an old person.
(2) Amusement for an inpatient or a child.
(3) Teaching materials for inner mechanism of complicated structure
Mermaid mini-robot Goldfish mini-robot
Water tank and joystick controller with a 3-D labyrinth
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