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Self propelled capsule endoscopy, “MiniMermaid” system
Self propelled compact capsule endoscopy system
Swimming mini drone
Swimming mini drone
Applying "MiniMermaid" technology, we have developed an aquatic mini drone to swim freely in 3-D space under water.

The characteristics are selected to user’s taste such as a mermaid or a goldfish.

The movement is controlled using a joystick in a mechanism like a 3-D labyrinth.

The mini-robot is used for various purpose, for example:
(1) The rehabilitation tool of arms and legs for a physically handicapped or an old person.
(2) Amusement for an inpatient or a child.
(3) Teaching materials for inner mechanism of complicated structure
Mermaid mini-robot Goldfish mini-robot
Water tank and joystick controller with a 3-D labyrinth
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